General Counselling

  • This is counselling for a range of issues such as: relationships, grief, stress, anxiety, depression and more.
  • It can assist to help clients see things more clearly and from a different view point.
  • It helps clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems which can cause emotional turmoil and seek to improve communication and coping skills.

Domestic/Family Violence Counselling:

  • This is a specialist counselling service for women who have a history of or are currently experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • We provide information and therapeutic sessions to meet the needs of each client that has experienced trauma and other difficult life experiences due to domestic and family violence.
  • Referrals and support options can be provided for specialist domestic/family violence support for crisis services if required.
  • The top priority with anyone working with family violence situations is safety. Safety for the mother. Safety for the children. Victims may need a very carefully thought out safety plan.
  • Get support, information and advice about possible options. Assist to identify what the woman can do and to find the right services or support. Everyone’s situation is different and no one knows the situation better than the woman herself.