Counselling Services for Women

Domestic / Family Violence

This is a specialist short-term counselling service for women who have a history of or are currently experiencing domestic / family violence.  Family violence affects people from all walks of life. While family violence can happen in many different family relationships, it is overwhelmingly women and children who experience violence, and men who use it.

Abuse can take different forms, including physical, emotional, verbal, financial or sexual. If you experience any of this in your relationship, we can support you. We understand that it can be difficult to seek assistance. Many people feel shame in disclosing that a loved one is causing abuse and hurt. They may fear being blamed for the abuse, or repercussions from the offender.  Many women worry about not being believed or judged by social attitudes.

It is important, however, to seek support, as family violence has significant psychological, emotional and physical impact on those who experience abuse directly and on those who witness the violence.

We can also provide counselling to women in same-sex relationships.  As they can also experience violence and abuse, including sexual assault, family violence, controlling behaviour and types of violence based on sexuality, gender or identity.

Our individual and group counselling is safe, confidential and respectful. A counsellor will work with you to discuss your options and support you as you make decisions about the best way forward.

Group programs are held quarterly, women who have participated report finding it useful to hear other women’s stories in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


Whilst or priority is domestic and family violence counselling we may be able to assist with short term generalist counselling.  We can all experience challenges in our lives including our relationships, families, workplace and health. These challenges can be ongoing or arise from time to time.

Generalist counselling is provided to women by our dedicated counsellors who offer a safe and supportive space to explore concerns, options, and identify strategies and resources to assist women during these challenging times.

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Confidential and Professional Service for all Women