Women’s Health Promotion & Advocacy

At the Women’s Centre, we use a Health Promotion approach to enable women to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing and take control of their health.

Some examples of the Health Promotion activities undertaken at our centre:

  • International Women’s Day
  • Women’s Health Lunches
  • Attending Community Health Expos
  • Social Action Days such as: White Ribbon Day


Groups change each term – please check the event calendar to see what is currently happening at the Centre or for further information contact us at the Centre.


KNOTS – for women who have or are experiencing domestic violence: Please see our Group Programs page for more information.

Rock and Water for Women

Participants will learn to work with the different Rock and Water principles developing self-confidence and communication skills. The Rock aspect enables girls and women to believe in their own strength and to increase their self confidence. The Water aspect provides the tools to translate this new-found strength into communication with others.

The main goals of the program are:

  • To increase body awareness
  • To become aware of attitudes, emotions and reaction patterns
  • To experience body strength
  • To increase self confidence and learn to rely on your own strength
  • To experience your power and to learn how to translate inner feelings into action
  • To use mental strength related to inner strength
  • To feel, set and defend boundaries

Aside from important theoretical backgrounds, different methods of approach will be taught and practiced. Participation in this group requires active and physical participation centered around three themes: ground your body, centre your power and focus your mind.

Please see our Group Programs page for a downloadable flyer.

Walking for Wellbeing Group

Please see our Group Programs page for more information.

Occasional Groups

‘Crafternoons’ – providing a safe space for women to come and connect in a non threatening environment. Come for a cup of tea and chat, share a skill, learn a new skill or work on something of your own. Some topic areas in the past have included mosaics, screen printing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, art, drawing.

Trauma sensitive yoga – all skill levels welcome.
This class is an invitation for women who have experienced trauma to begin the process of reconnection – to your body and who you are.

Yoga is based on a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all body systems.

Trauma sensitive yoga is especially adapted to provide a supportive, predictable and non judgmental place where you can be supported rediscover your body as your resource for security and comfort.

Please see our Group Programs page for downloadable flyers.

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