“Empowered Women, Empower Women” 

At the Women’s Centre we truly believe that every woman has the right to feel empowered and to be successful. We believe that by supporting women to become the best versions of themselves, we are helping them to accelerate their lives. Here are some things that we are currently doing for the people of our community:

  • We are assisting Women to prepare for entry into the workforce to support their children and families.
  • We are helping Women recover from trauma, Domestic and Family Violence and unhealthy situations.
  • We are supporting Women to develop healthy friendships with other Women in our community.
  • We are helping heal the wounds and hurt caused to them by their partners, family members & other negative people in their lives.
  • We are showing Women how to build a solid foundation for themselves and their children, a life free from Violence of any kind.
  • We are providing Advocacy & Referrals on to other services for Women who need extended help.
  • We are offering Wellness & Educational Programs to help improve Mental Health and Well-being.

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