The Women's Centre for Health and Wellbeing

Our Commitment to Women with Disabilities

All women above the age of 16 have access to the services and supports offered at the Women’s Centre. If you would like to access services but don’t know where to start, please call our Intake Officer or ask your Support Coordinator or Plan Manager to contact us on (02) 6021 5773



Groups such as Self Esteem, Circle of Security Parenting, Shark Cage etc. Groups are 8 weeks in length and are $30 per class or $240 per course.

Individual General Counselling

One to one general therapy personalised for you. $25/ concession or $45/ session

Historical Sexual Assault Counsellor - Full Stop Australia

The centre has a Rape and Domestic Violence Counsellor (provided by Full Stop Australia) who supports women with historical Sexual Assault and/or violence. This is a free service.

Intake and Referral

Women with disabilities experience domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness. If you would like support and information please contact our Intake Officer


At the time of booking your service, please let our Intake Officer know if you have any requests or questions about accessibility. Please let us know if there is anything we can improve or change. We welcome feedback and ongoing conversations to improve services.

Accessibility can include, for example, heating, cooling, dim lighting, comfortable seating, reduced noise and more. Your ability to attend our services is important. Please talk to our team

Are you an NDIS Participant?

Not sure what you are covered for? Call your Support Coordinator for more information. You can contact the NDIS Hotline on
1800 800 110
or the NDIS website on