Domestic and Family Violence Counselling

This is a specialist counselling service for women who have a history of, or who are currently experiencing domestic and family violence. We provide information and therapeutic sessions to meet the needs of each client that has experienced trauma and other difficult life experiences due to domestic and family violence.


Womens Wellness Activities

Women’s Well-being activities are programs are conducted and different times throughout the year to get you motivated and on your way to a healthier you, physically, emotionally and mentally.

No Interest Loan Scheme

What is NILS?

The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides interest free loans for women on low income of $40,000 p.a or less.

Therapeutic Group Programs

These programs are designed to help women re-connect with themselves and aide in recovery after experiencing DV and family violence. Have an inquiry about one of our group programs? Contact us directly via email or phone.

RDVSA Rape & Domestic Violence Service Australia

Trauma counselling for women who have experienced rape and/or childhood sexual assault.
Service provided by RDVSA in partnership with Women’s Health Centres.

Health Promotion

We participate in a variety of local events to advocate Womens Health and Wellbeing. We are partnered with and supported by our local community.

Women’s Health Clinic

In partnership with Albury Community Health Centre, we offer
45 minute, free appointments with the Women’s Health Nurse from Albury Community Health. Our clinic covers all aspects of women’s health, from PAP Smear’s to Breast Checks.