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Experiencing Domestic Violence?

In emergency please call 000

Our Commitment to Women experiencing Sexual and/or Domestic Violence in Albury Wodonga and surrounds

This page has information for women living in Albury Wodonga that are looking for support or information on how to get help in an abusive or violent relationship, or how to find support and resources to leave a violent or abusive relationship

Women leaving abusive situations

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their relationship and/or living situation. If you do not feel safe or you are afraid, please call 000

Sometimes leaving an abusive relationship can be scary. You might not have much money or know how to find accommodation. You might be afraid if you leave your partner, it will make things worse. The Women’s Centre can organise for you to talk to a counsellor or put you in contact with a range of services that can assist you to be in a safer space

When you are ready, the Women’s Centre Intake officer is available to talk to you about your situation. The Intake Officer can assist you with:

  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Emergency clothing, toiletries, nappies for you and your children
  • Relevant services available within your community
  • Information on Centrelink Payments
  • Free Legal Services
  • AVO’s and Court Matters
  • Victims of Crime Compensation
  • NILS – No Interest Loans
  • Therapeutic Groups such as Self Esteem, Circle of Security Parenting, Shark Cage 
  • One to one Counselling 

Our Intake team is well connected to other organisations and groups within the community that can support and assist you. Call Intake on (02) 6021 5773

Emergency Toiletries and Clothing

The Women’s Centre can provide Dignity Bags of toiletries and sanitary items for women and teenage girls. Depending on availability there are also baby bags with nappies and other relevant items.

Clothing packs for Women and Children are subject to availability, and available for women who have had to leave a dangerous situation quickly.

What happens if I need to talk to the Police?

Domestic Violence is against the law and there are different ways the Police can support you to feel safe. Apprehended Domestic Violence Order’s (ADVO) can be made by a court. This is a court order that stops a person coming near you, calling you or sending you messages.

You can get ADVO’s even if you live with someone. The Court Order will say that the person cannot hurt you, yell at you or take away your money or possessions. ADVO’s can include your children as well.

Who do I speak to at the Police Station?

Ask to speak to the Domestic Violence Liaison Officer (DVLO) at the Police Station. The Domestic Violence Liaison Officer is trained to work with people who are experiencing Domestic or Family Violence. DVLO’s can give you information about safety and your legal rights. They can support you in deciding if you need an ADVO or going to court.

Local Police Stations

Albury     (02) 6023 9299

Wodonga   (02) 6049 2600

For a comprehensive list of local and national Domestic Violence services, please click on this link

Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)

Our Intake Officer can discuss what an AVO is with you and support you through the application process.

You can apply for an AVO against people or persons that make you fear for your safety. The order prohibits an individual from stalking, harassing, assaulting, threatening, intimidating you. If the person breaks this order they can be charged with a criminal offense. 

To apply for an AVO you must be 16 years or older, and the person you would like the order taken out against has to have harassed, assaulted, threatened, intimidated or stalked you

Property Recovery Order

This order can be made for women who have had to leave their home in a hurry and need to retrieve their belongings. Some Women do not feel safe to return without Police being present. This order ensures that your property is returned to you properly and that you are safe to retrieve it.

Victims of Crime Support Scheme

Victims of Crime Compensation is a State Government program awarding financial and other assistance to victims of violent crime. 

Customer Story

Victims of Crime Support

I was seeing a counsellor at the Women’s Centre while living in a violent and abusive relationship. When I finally left the relationship, my counsellor suggested to me that I apply for the Victims of Crime Support. The payment covered the cost for cameras at my new home. I got funding to cover going to see a psychologist. I was awarded funds to cover dental expenses getting my broken teeth fixed. I feel so much safer and more confident now. You can’t tell that I was a battered woman by my face any more. The process was easy and the team at the Women’s Centre were very helpful. Just talk to the Intake Officer and see if you can apply.

Compensation to victims of crime may include reasonable expenses such as:

  • payment of any loss of wages or income up to $20,000.00
  • medical, hospital and ambulance expenses
  • dental expenses and other such treatment expenses
  • physiotherapy, chiropractic, optometry, and other similar expenses
  • surgical and related expenses, including plastic surgery
  • psychology and psychiatry counselling expenses
  • damage to clothing expenses
  • security related expenses
  • as well as any other relevant out of pocket expenses
  • to a total of $60,000.00

Special Financial Assistance

Victims of crime may also be entitled to a cash payment of up to $10,000.00 called Special Financial Assistance for pain and suffering based on the nature of the crime and injuries sustained. 

Other Assistance

Work and Development Orders

Victims of crime may also be entitled in exceptional circumstances to whatever else will assist the victim to recover from the effects of the crime, such as improved home security, self-defence lessons, vocational training, academic tutoring, relocation costs, gym membership, rehabilitative treatment, or a holiday. The experienced psychologists will be able to make recommendations for such on your behalf of victims of crime when appropriate to aid recovery. You should also discuss such other assistance with your solicitor.

Crime Compensation awards may take into consideration the victim’s level of cooperation with police, any conduct by the victim that contributed to the crime and the victim’s criminal history.

Who can apply for victim’s support?

Support is available to victims of violent crime in New South Wales.

The types of victims that are eligible for victim’s support are:

  • Primary victims
  • Secondary victims
  • Family victims
  • A parent, step-parent or guardian of a child primary victim
  • A third party (in relation to a primary homicide victim only)

How to apply for victim’s support

To find out more and be supported throughout the application process, please contact our Intake Officer on (02) 6021 5773 to make an appointment or email us at

If you are unable to pay a penalty notice, court fine or a victim’s restitution order, and you meet the criteria listed below, Revenue NSW can issue you with a work and development order (WDO).

A WDO enables you to reduce your fine by up to $1000 a month, by allowing you to participate in unpaid work, courses, counselling or treatment programs.

The Women’s Centre for Health and Wellbeing is an approved sponsor organisation and can support you in your application and as a venue for your WDO

You will be:

  • aged under 18
  • receiving a Centrelink or DVA benefit
  • have a mental illness, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment
  • have a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol or volatile substances
  • experiencing serious financial hardship, or

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, you may still be able to request a WDO, check with our Intake Officer.

What you need

You may need documentation to support your eligibility claim. The Intake Officer can support you in working out which documents you need and how to get them. If you would like to find out more or to have the Women’s Centre sponsor your WDO please contact Intake on (02) 6021 5773 or email

Please note:

You can access more information at  Services NSW

Or Fines VIC