I have made many difficult and bad decisions, as well as good ones throughout my life. This sequence of writings may seem like a series of unfortunate events but let me be the first to say, it is in fact a journey of self-discovery, the gain of self-love, willpower & strength. As you will read in the coming weeks and months, this has not been easy for me. But my grandmother always said to me “that it is never promised to us that life will be easy or that you will always be happy”. I was not born into wealth, I was not given the skills I needed as an adult. I have navigated this arduous voyage on my own until very recently. The leaps and bounds I have made have been due to the realization that no one else is going to do it for me. I have had to be strong, no matter how weak I feel at times, for my children and for myself. I have realized I CAN accomplish the life I have dreamed of for so long. I CAN give my boys (6 weeks old & 3 years old) the life I never got to live.

In this blog series I will share my life experiences and what they have taught me, in an effort to show you that no matter what you have been through there can be a happy ending. I am still working on my happy ending, but I am hoping to impart my knowledge and experience upon you so that maybe you do not have to make some of the same mistakes that I have through-out my life. To give you insight into the reality of Domestic & Family Violence and how it effects your life and your thought processes. In this series, there will be a lot of personal things shared (names changed of course), that may be disturbing to some (trigger warning). For that I am not sorry, I cannot and will not apologize because that would be like saying “I am sorry that I was abused and that it makes you feel uncomfortable“. It has taken me a lot of courage to take on this task, as I will have to relive some memories that I would rather never remember at all.

But the thing is, this is real. I am a real person, I am a mom, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a friend and confidant to many. I have wisdom inside that many would benefit from knowing. It is now one of my life’s goals to aid in the prevention of Domestic Violence and help the many other millions of victims it has effected and will effect. I hope that my story touches each and every one of its’ readers in their heart & soul. I hope that my battles resonate with you in such a way that you have never felt before.

That all being said stay tuned to our blog every Friday for the next chapter release of “The Plight of the Raven”.

Love & Hugs

-The Raven


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