Lioness Lament Blog

From The Mouth of Lioness Lament

Welcome to our new blog, I am Lioness Lament and I am here to bring you my thoughts on Womens Health and Wellbeing, as well as fresh news on our programs and events from our Centre here in Albury.

Do you ever feel like your alone in your current situation? 

I have too, a million times over throughout my life. If you’ve come here for advice, I have a little to offer. BUT take it with a grain of salt, as my grandma always says.

If you’ve come for a laugh, you’ll find that as well. What else do you expect from the American girl living Down Under? Oh, and by the way, can I just ask one quick question readers. What is up with the sausages here? You guys love them, breakfast, sausages, lunch, Sausages, dinner SAUSAGES! I’m dying guys.

I leave you with that thought of sausages to get you through the weekend. I will be more formal in my next post and tell you a bit more about myself and our organization.

Bye for now!