Therapeutic Programs

Our Courses, Groups and Workshops are run throughout the year. Our current groups are listed below with their costs.
All of our services are held at The Women’s Centre in Albury at 526 Swift Street.

This is a safe and secure environment where you will be supported. Call us to find out more. If you would like to attend but cannot afford the course, please speak to the team on (02) 6021 5773.

Knots – Building Resilience

Have you experienced domestic or family violence? Are you living with domestic violence

8 Week course

Work in a small group with our facilitator and councillor Cass. We are here to support you wherever you are on your journey

$30 per CLass or $240
for 8 weeks

If you are unable to afford the course, please contact us to discuss an arrangement

Self Esteem

Self Esteem contributes in really important ways to our life, our relationships, our safety, our creativity, parenting, health, work and learning. This program discusses the seeds of self esteem, the things which shape it, and ways in which our self esteem can be part of patterns that we might not even notice. It also covers things that we can do to support, heal and strengthen self esteem, which opens up new pathways ahead. It is great to do this program with a group of other people who have similar goals: participants share things they have learnt, support each other and usually have quite a few laughs along the way.

8 week course

Every Thursday at the Women’s Centre

$30 per class/$240 8 weeks

If you are unable to afford the course, please contact us to make an arrangement


Well known and renowned Yoga, Meditation, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Midwife  -Brigitte – brings her wealth of knowledge to our Meditation course.  

8 week course

There are two classes on Wednesdays, weekly. 

$10 / class

Bring your yoga mat and any other item you may need to be comfortable. 

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