No Interest Loans Scheme

Loans for $1500 0r $2000

Before you look at the application, please read below to see if you are eligible

Eligibility for NILS Loans

To be eligible you must: 

  • Have a Centrelink Health Care Card or Centrelink Pensioner Card
  • Earn less than $45,000 a year (after tax), or less than $60,000 a year (after tax) for couples or people with children (dependants)
  • Have lived in your current or previous residence for at least 3 months

*Special circumstances may be considered

What kinds of things use a NILS Loan for?

  • Car Repairs
  • Medical and Dental Expenses
  • Education Essentials, Laptop, Books
  • Household Items and Essentials – like Refrigerators and Washing Machines
  • Other Items as Requested – Household Items, furniture and repairs
  • Education expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Bond for rental
  • For more examples please speak to our NILS Officer

The NILS Loan Process

How to apply for your NILS Loan

Loan Enquiry

  1. Complete and submit the online enquiry form
  2. Provide Supporting Documents to your NILS Loan Officer

You must complete the Loan Enquiry before you can create your NILS Application. 

Our role is to help you apply for your NILS Loan. Please don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 6021 5773 if you need assistance. 


Loan Application Process

  1. Once you have completed Stage One your application will be created. 
  2. We will contact you to arrange a time for a telephone or face-to-face meeting. 
  3. During your telephone or face-to-face interview, we will help you complete your NILS application, including your personal budget. 
  4. Your application will be submitted for assessment. 
  5. You will be contacted with the outcome of your application within 24 – 48 hours after it is submitted for assessment. 
  6. If approved, payment will be made on your behalf and delivery or pick up details will be organised. 


How Long Will it Take?

In most cases, this will depend on how long it takes you to complete the Loan Enquiry stage and provide your supporting documents. We have a limited number of appointments each week and will book your telephone or face-to-face interview after we receive all of your information

Supporting Documents

You will need to provide some additional information AFTER you submit your enquiry form, and BEFORE we book your telephone interview

Such as:

  • Proof of ID
  • A Quote for the item/s you wish to purchase.
    •  This includes the suppliers name, ABN Number, Direct payment details, ( BSB, Account Number & References) 
    • If your quotes are for car expenses, we will need a copy of your registration papers, or other proof of ownership
  • Centrelink Income & Asset Statement
  • Current Rental Statement or Ledger
  • If you pay Board or private rent please attach your most recent receipt
  • 3 Current Pay Slips (if relevant)
  • Current Electricity and/or Gas Bill
  • Current Phone/Internet or Mobile Bill
  • If you use Afterpay or similar products please attach a screenshot of your summary page showing how much you owe. 

NILS Application

Please fill in the entire form and click submit.
Or click on the red button above to print the form

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What kind of housing do you live in?
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Click on the documents that you will be supplying for this application
Click on the documents that you will be supplying for this application
Click on the documents that you will be supplying for this application
Click on the documents that you will be supplying for this application