The Women's Centre for Health and Wellbeing


Providing free or affordable services for Women

Women’s Centre’s are designed to provide free or affordable services for Women within the communities they support. If you are unable to afford a service or unable to find a service that you need, please contact us and speak to our General Manager. We are a solutions based organisation and will endeavour to assist you in any way that we can. 

Below is a gallery of services that we offer. We encourage you to call us or message us to find our more information about anything that interests you. 


Each image and description below has its own page within the menu above. Just click on the menu above to see more options. 


No Interest Loans (NILS)

Hume Riverina Community Legal Service

Weekly Relaxation and Mindfulness Class

Intake and Referral

Therapeutic Groups

Domestic Violence Support

Our Sisters Closet

Weekly Anxiety Group

Other Service

Below are other services we offer. 

As the Centre adapts to the needs of our community, these services will grow and change. Call us if you need support but cannot see a service listed. Our number is (02) 6021 5773